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SET Mentoring


Who Can Be a Mentor?

  • A person who shows strong commitment and believes in inclusion

  • A mentor must show strong commitment to supporting self-determination in students and mentors

  • An innovator– outside the box thinker, able to come up with alternative ideas 

  • Enabler– can find alternatives in the community 

  • Should be knowledgeable about their community–people, resources and community groups 

  • Varied experiences with people who have intellectual disabilities 

  • Experienced with family engagement–planning 

  • Should show leadership in a variety of capacities–self/relational, professional, community 

  • Coordination experience–strategic thinker, self-disciplined, organized 

  • Familiarity with school environments 

  • A natural teacher, but open to continuous learning and a team player

How Can I Be a Mentor?

If you would like to become or learn more about becoming a volunteer mentor in your community, contact the mentor coordinator or send your name, phone number, email address and name of community to the mailing address on the SET Contact page.


Download the SET mentoring brochure.

SET Mentoring Success

Dominion in Grand Falls – Windsor Regarding Liam

“Liam is an awesome worker. He is never late; his uniform is always immaculate. He is always eager, whether stocking shelves, stocking groceries, paging on the intercom, helping with groceries. He puts his all into every task. He is not only a hard worker; he is an ideal work mate. He meets everyone with a smile. It’s is not just a colleague who looks forward to having Liam in the store, customers are always happy to see him. His excitement about his job and willingness to assist is noticed and appreciated by all. It is hard to convey how much value exactly he adds to our store, but I will sum it up and say he is awesome and we feel very lucky to him as part of our team at Dominion.”

Volunteer With Inclusion Canada Newfoundland and Labrador

To help persons with intellectual disabilities, volunteer today.

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